Looking forward to our concert? So are we! Our theme for the second half of 2018 is “Light”. Lessons and activities have revolved around this and brought many new experiences to the children. Naturally, the concert theme has something to do with light!

The toddlers have always loved the song, ‘You are my Sunshine’, and what better song to showcase their singing and dancing abilities! Children enjoyed listening to the concert song. They imitated the dance moves by shaking their bodies, waving their hands and grooving along to the beat of the music. Children had a great time smiling away as they see their friends dancing together with them! Children also worked together to help their teacher paint the boxes. They used a brush and some white coloured paint, moved their arms up and down as they painted the prop for the concert.

Children from Nursery 1 learnt the cavemen dance as they were studying how fire was created. In fact, through their dance item, they learnt about how cavemen behave, speak and move about! Children even got the opportunity to take part in the creation of their props- fire torch. Since we learnt about “Fire” in one of our lessons, children are able to talk about the positives and negatives  of fires. They even shared the safety precautions they should adhere to- not to play with fire etc.

The N2s had the great opportunity to be involved in the creation of one of the backdrops for the upcoming year-end concert. Instead of using paintbrushes, they used a wonderful tool – their hands and feet! They absolutely enjoyed the tactile sensation from touching and squishing the paint and wet newspapers. The children were completely engrossed in the activity. They just wanted to explore and roll around in the paint – it is not often that they get such an opportunity. Just look at their amazed and smiling faces!

The K1 and K2 children learned about shadows, and came up with a story about a little girl trying to find her friend – her shadow. Only to find that her shadow disappears at night. The children also worked together to create huge, bumpy looking rocks for concert prop to showcase their skit. Using recycled magazines, they crumpled up each page and taped it onto the box with masking tape. Through this activity, they build on their fine motor skills and social skills such as helping one another and taking turns.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our concert!