Little Preschool

Positive Space

Our Environment

Our school is located at Pasir Ris, near White Sands.

We specifically designed our school to be open, airy and welcoming, with little corners around the school designed for more personal interactions with friends and teachers.

Teaching and learning materials are carefully selected to create an environment that inspires the child to discover the world around him.

We believe in sustainability and use the best of what mother nature provides to integrate the outdoors into our learning spaces.

Early Years



eXperience. eXplore. eXpress.

At Little Preschool, play is very serious business!

Programmes like Fun Fridays and Mess and Make ensure that children have lots of messy fun while learning different concepts and forming connections with friends.

Loose parts play is also a big part of the programme, where simple recycled materials are often used to encourage children to create fantastical objects.

Through play, children learn how to interact with others and develop critical lifelong skills. This is why play lies at the heart of the Little Preschool experience.